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A data breach is a disaster for any business and can be very costly to recover from. Even the most giant corporations can be affected by a cyber attack. Having the proper resources and measures to prevent breaches is one of the most critical factors that any organization should consider. Not all hacks are preventable. 

Even the best security measures can be defeated using methods and tricks that have not been tried before. Despite the best efforts of professionals, attacks will still happen. Businesses must still respond adequately. Getting hit by a cyber attack can be a disaster that can affect a company’s growth. You should follow the steps immediately if your network gets hacked.

Step 1. Find The Source

Even though a cyber attack has been discovered, it does not mean the threat has passed. It’s still essential that the source of the problem is identified. Having the proper resources and experts to investigate the incident will allow you to prevent it from happening in the future. After the issue has been identified, the professionals should immediately patch it or remove it. They should also ensure that the other systems aren’t affected by the same problem.

Step 2. Cybersecurity Audit

After the initial issue has been resolved, it’s also crucial that companies take an inventory of all their data. Doing so will allow them to identify the source of the problem and implement effective measures to prevent it from happening again. All files should be reviewed and kept track of where they’re stored and when they were accessed. Also, ensure that the sensitive information has been moved within the company’s policies. 

Having the necessary information can help prevent unauthorized access.

If there are no files, the system may have been sabotaged. Even though cybercriminals and hackers are more likely to steal files, it’s also essential to check if there are signs of sabotage. Before you start investigating the incident, it’s vital that you first check if the files have been leaked to the public. This will allow you to identify the possible motives behind the attack and the impact of the leaks.

Step 3. Perform Damage Control

This step is dependent on the nature and type of the incident. Aside from investigating the details of the attack, this also involves handling the various problems that can arise after a data breach. Before the data breach becomes public knowledge, the company must take the necessary steps to ensure that it’s not swept under the carpet. This will inform the public about the incident and the company’s actions to prevent it from happening again.

To reassure employees, change their passwords immediately and implement verification methods. Being proactive can help restore the relationships damaged by identity theft or a breach. A credit monitoring service can also help protect the individuals affected by the incident.